Alright, I’m always trying to think of the right thing to say on these descriptions. I could talk about who I am as an artist, designer, printmaker, etc. I have a lot of skills some of which I have been doing for my entire life and others only for a few short years. I can tell you one thing I enjoy creating. I had a roommate tell me once to make something because I was annoyed at something or someone. (probably someone) Some people get Hangry, I get, well... there isn't a made up word for a creative who needs to create to settle down. I can do a lot of things, ask me to fix something, I can figure it out, ask me work I'll work, ask to create I'll create.

This website may appear like I don't know what to pursue as a career, that isn't it. I have been creative for so long. I love learning new techniques and crafts (in the true meaning of the word) Learning new ways is what keeps me inspired to continue.

I say I'm an artist and designer, only because I like things alphabetically.

I hope you enjoy the variety of work if you want to see me try a new craft... name it I'll try it and show it even if it looks like shit. ( Oh! and I'll probably swear, if you are offended, sorry)